Advantages of a concrete pool

Concrete swimming pools are a great feature to any residence, however due to the harsh conditions they endure the construction methods must be very thorough. A poorly built pool, finished with sub-grade materials will deteriorate very quickly and could look dated before its time. To combat this we always recommend materials which will stand the test of time and our workmanship speaks for itself. We believe we offer the ideal construction package and guarantee our reputation will support this.

Concrete pools can be built to any size, shape and colour, unlike other types of pool you are not restrained to a particular size or shape. This means a concrete pool is ideal for any site as you can shape the pool to suit the site. Concrete pools can also be incorporated into surrounding structures and/or form part of the structure itself making them even more versatile.

Concrete pools are also built to last, a reinforced sprayed concrete shell will last for several generations and there is no need to replace liners.


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