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Clarkes Beach

An exquisite infinity pool built for a newly constructed waterfront holiday home on Clarkes Beach, Auckland


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Coastal Elegance - Where Luxury Meets Nature

Alfresco Pools is proud to present their latest creation: a stunning infinity pool that perfectly blends luxury and nature, providing an idyllic retreat just steps away from a new holiday home located along the picturesque coast of Clarkes Beach, Auckland. The pool, which seamlessly integrates with the coastal environment, was part of a complete new house build project that our team was brought on by the architect.

To create the ideal outdoor living space for the homeowners, our skilled designers worked closely with them to develop a custom infinity pool that not only serves as a captivating focal point but also enhances the property's unique location. The pool's edge seemingly disappears into the horizon, creating a sense of oneness with the ocean and allowing the homeowners to fully immerse themselves in their coastal surroundings. Its cascading water feature also adds a soothing ambiance to the outdoor area, complementing the nearby waves' tranquil sounds.

Strategically positioned to capture the breathtaking views of the beach, the infinity pool offers an unparalleled front-row seat to the natural beauty of the area, including the captivating sight of horses prancing along the shoreline. This picturesque scene serves as a constant reminder of the unique connection between the pool and the surrounding landscape, providing an unparalleled backdrop for relaxation and entertainment.

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