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Kensington Ave

Designing a family-friendly pool area with several site limitations to work around. The pool was designed to incorporate a shallow shelf/platform for child-friendly use, with high walls around the pool to provide privacy and reduce road noise


  • Mount Eden


  • New Pool


  • Residential

The slated wall behind the spa was added to break up the heavy concrete walls, and light pool colours were chosen to create a bright and open space. Despite yard setbacks and fencing requirements, the pool was positioned to best connect with the existing spaces on the property, including the patio, upper deck, separate spa area, and lawn.

the Alfresco Pools team collaborated closely with Outside the Box Landscapes to create a seamless connection between the existing patio, upper deck, spa area, and lawn. The result is a stunning, private oasis that brings joy and relaxation to this family's daily routine. The high walls surrounding the pool not only provide a sense of privacy and seclusion, but also reduce road noise, making it an even more peaceful retreat. The pool's light, bright colors add to the open, airy feel of the space, while the slated wall behind the spa breaks up the heavy concrete walls and adds an extra touch of style.

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